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Toyota True-2 Battery

The more informed you are about your Toyota battery, the better care you can take of it. Here are some tips from our Delray Beach Toyota location, serving Boyton Beach and Boca Raton, on caring for car batteries to help you avoid an inconvenient car battery failure.

Battery Care Tips

When should you service your car battery?

  • Sluggish start: If your vehicle starts slowly or there is a slight pause/hesitation when starting the engine.
  • Prolonged inactivity: A battery will slowly lose its charge simply from sitting unused for an extended period of time, especially in hot climates.
  • Headlights or interior lights left on: This will slowly drain your battery.
  • After a jump-start: A failed start could indicate a battery condition that needs to be checked out.

Battery Lingo

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) the intermediate power your battery delivers to crank your engine.
Reserve Capacity (RC) the steady power your battery provides the electrical system when the alternator is not operating.

Optimum battery life and vehicle performance can only be achieved in all conditions by a design with the proper balance of CCA and RC. That’s exactly what your get with a Toyota True-2 battery.

General Battery Info*

  • Heat, cold, and inactivity are a battery’s main adversaries. While increasing cold will gradually reduce the battery’s ability to generate power to start your vehicle, heat accelerates corrosion and other damage to internal battery components. That damage will ultimately reduce the life of the battery.
  • Taking many short trips, which includes constantly shutting down and restarting your engine, may drain your battery of power.
  • Keeping your battery terminals clean and free of corrosion will help provide maximum starting power to your vehicle.

*Refers to all lead-acid batteries in standard automotive applications

Genuine Toyota batteries have more than quality and value. They also come with a warranty that’s generous and simple to understand.

Battery Warranty

Toyota underscores the quality of True-2 battery line with a simple, three-tiered, 60-month service replacement warranty.
True-2 60-month service replacement warranty:

  • Months 1-18: 100% of parts
  • Months 19-38: 50% of True-2 MSRP*
  • Months 39-60: 25% of True-2 MSRP*

*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

**Toyota’s value battery provides a quality but lower cost alternative for older vehicles. Use of True-2 is not authorized for original equipment battery warranty replacement.

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