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Why Service at your Local Dealership

As vehicles technology gets better and cars break less, and more customers are forsaking the purchase of new cars and hanging on to their old ones, auto repairs cost is becoming a hotter topic than ever. One of the greatest challenges people face is which place to go? A local dealership near me or big chains service centers. At Delray Toyota Service, we believe that owning and getting a proper maintenance for your vehicle should always be affordable, hassle-free and rewarding, and your nearby Toyota dealer can help. Here are some reasons why the perfect place to have your vehicle serviced is your local dealer. And we will let you know why.


Servicing at Delray Toyota Service Center couldn’t be more convenient. Your local Dealer offers extended service hours that includes weekends online booking service, express service lanes for routine maintenance and simple repairs, guaranteed time of delivery. No need to worry about whether the dealership is open to call – just make the booking at a time that’s convenient for you.

We know many of our customers lead busy lives and are highly dependent on their cars. We also appreciate that your time is precious. That’s why most dealers will be happy to arrange shuttle or a loaner from your home or office, keeping you mobile and minimizing any inconvenience.


We understand that consumers have options when it comes to auto repairs. And the vehicles today are becoming increasingly complex, from a technical perspective. That’s why Car dealers spend heavily on best-trained certified technicians, service equipment and problem-solving tools. Service technicians at car dealerships often undergo advanced training to help them repair today’s sophisticated vehicles and must be an expert to perform repairs.


Your local auto dealer Delray Toyota Service has fast quality service priced very competitively. Often, local dealership delivers the best price in addition to the best service, best parts and best guarantee.


Both in sales and service, customer satisfaction is paramount to every Toyota dealer. The best way to accomplish this is to offer you the best service for your vehicle at the best value.

So, maintaining your car at our Delray Toyota Service Center guarantees convenience, quality and efficiency all at an affordable price. So whether it’s an oil change, brake pad, tire rotation, transmission, fluid flushes, fuel tips or a complete overhaul, your vehicle will be taken care of by the very best, and we have the resources to carry out this claim. Schedule your appointment today and see for yourself the difference!